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We Do Weddings Different

Your wedding day.  That special day where you family and friends come together to celebrate.  All of those candid photos and videos they take at your event, can be uploaded to you account and become  part of your unique event video. Invite your loved ones and guests to record a special congratulations video right from their smartphone, and with our shareable link, they can upload directly to your account. We take all of this great media and create a special video of your day.

Congratulations Graduate

One of the great milestones of our child's life, is graduating from High School.  Celebrating your graduate with family and friends can be a bit challenging right now, but our service can help you to commemorate this special time.  Ask your family and friends to upload special photos/videos and memories via your unique sharable link. Have favorite teachers record a special congratulations video they can upload right to your account.   We take all of your media and create a special celebration video you can watch and share online and enjoy for years to come.